About us

What began as a little advice from an aunt more than 35 years ago, has transformed into a skin care line that upholds a passion for honesty and integrity.

Personal results, that have fueled a desire to create exceptional skin care products that will rejuvenate and maintain beautiful appearances and put those "pesky" wrinkles on hold.

Preventique skin care was developed so that those women and men who want to look their best no matter what age they may be, can look younger, be more confidant and enjoy all of the "compliments" that come their way.

Amazing results have been experienced by all who have tried Preventique's creams and serums. All areas of the body are enhanced, hydrated and nourished with the finest, maximum strength ingredients available.

Each and every Preventique product has been carefully formulated and tested using the most effective ingredients. For over 3o years, we have been researching and testing to create the most advanced skin care line that will deliver the results expected.


Preventique Skin Care is committed to upholding the highest standards of safety for all of our products we have developed and offer for sale. We adhere to the most rigorous standards for product safety so that our customers can purchase and use our products with complete confidence.

We want you to know that:

  • Preventique Skin Care is in full compliance with FDA regulations as well as the European Union 7th Amendment Cosmetic Directive and the requirements for safety in all of the countries in which our products are sold.
  • Each and every ingredient used in our products has been thoroughly reviewed and tested by our internal safety team made up of Chemists, Aestheticians, Pharmacists and Physicians.
  • Every product formulation that Preventique Skin Care manufactures is screened and tested for safety before it is marketed to consumers.

Preventique Skin Care confidently and proudly stands behind each and every product that we sell, and we pledge that we will always uphold the highest standards of safety for our customers around the world.